Content is King, but only if your audience can read it

SlideShare mobile

Last week LinkedIn launched its first-ever iOS app for SlideShare, giving a big boost to the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and other professional content. With 60 million unique visitors a month, SlideShare is a great catalyst in which to distribute your message and get content to your end user. The rollout of an iOS app now offers an even bigger opportunity to reach new audiences.

The new app is designed to put content at our fingertips, and provide a better viewing experience, which is a good reminder that presentations should be optimized for mobile and tablet viewing. After all, we want people to be able to consume our content off of their tiny screens. We know that bringing out the best in presentations can be tough, so what does this mean for mobile?

Readability is key. Presentations should be easy to digest from smaller screens. Share bite-size info, versus 20 bullet points. Imagery should play a leading role and be of high-quality resolution. White slides with 500 words are not going to translate for viewers using small screens. You’ll lose them quickly.

Some tips straight from SlideShare:

  • Go Big: Use font size 16 or higher.
  • Say More with Less: Highlight or limit text on slides to a few key phrases.
  • A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Use clear and simple images, and limit to 1-2 per slide.
  • Keep it Simple: Avoid using complicated graphs with too many details.
  • Use High Contrast Colors: Better contrast improves readability on small screens.

Once you’ve optimized your presentation, don’t forget to promote it across all of your key online channels and include a strong CTA. Ready to experiment? You can download the new iOS app for free from iTunes, and its counterpart on Android.

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