Case Study Proof


The Largest Semiconductor Company in the World's Software and Services Group needed social media expertise and content syndication, but they lacked the time and focus to develop it in-house.

Social media was not a priority for the company's corporate marketing division, but their Software and Services Group knew they needed to drive key messages and highlight their activities at industry tradeshows and events.

They also needed to establish and promote one specific Marketing Manager as a thought leader and industry influencer in the Big Data space.

But the company's efforts lacked consistency, a coherent message, and an overarching strategy. McBru knew what to do.


McBru created a social media strategy and program designed to reach specific target audiences—IT decision makers and enterprise-level CIOs.

McBru built the social media persona of a specific Marketing Manager as an industry influential, using blogging and content syndication to highlight his expertise in Big Data and data center solutions.

McBru developed a comprehensive hub-and-spoke content strategy by:

  • Researching relevant hashtags and key industry influencers to engage with,
  • Writing high value blogs and tweets following a strategic editorial calendar, and
  • Syndicating content on LinkedIn and Twitter to attract top-tier partners—such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft—and their communities

We also provided client training on best practices for discovering relevant rapid-growth communities and to achieve high levels of targeted message amplification.

Founded in 1968 and headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, the Largest Semiconductor Company in the World has over 100,000 employees worldwide and had net revenues of about $53 billion in 2013.


The Marketing Manager's Twitter following grew from 60 followers to 850 by the end of 2013, and got over two million impressions at six tradeshows in nine months.

This exposure established him as a Big Data influencer, boosting his Klout score from 19 to 52.

UPDATE: At the end of Q1 2014, the Marketing Manager's Twitter following has grown strategically and organically to over 2000—reaching the client's half-year goal in half the time!

Noticing the sharp increase in social media presence, the client's company asked him to drive social media at all the corporate marketing events in 2014.

Rather than rely on resources from his internal corporate marketing group, he's using what he learned from McBru. His return on that investment continues to grow and we continue to work on his behalf in social media, where he is now the Big Data influencer being followed.

" If you asked me nine months ago how many Twitter impressions I expected to get from a social media program, two million would have seemed outrageous. McBru made it happen. "

ISV Alliance Marketing Manager for the Largest Semiconductor Company in the World

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