Content Strategy & Creation

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Content Strategy and Creation

McBru has been developing content for technology companies since long before the term “content marketing” caught fire. We know technology buyers intimately: they hate being marketed to, but they hunger for relevant information to help them work smarter and create more competitive products and services. So we’ve fed that appetite, serving up nutritious white papers, web content, case studies, email blasts, blogs, newsletters, videos, infographics… you name it.

Our writers, designers, and strategists are ready to help you with all your content needs, whether it’s creation of a stand-alone white paper, video, or case study, or if you need an entire content strategy to fuel customer engagement or a social media program.

If it’s a full content marketing strategy you need, McBru has a proven approach. We start by pinpointing what your target audiences’ content needs are at each stage of the sales cycle. Next, we inventory your assets, then conduct a gap analysis to identify any content your audiences need that you don’t currently have. After that, we provide a content development plan, including metrics by content type. Finally, we document the location of all content assets and create editorial calendars to ensure the content makes its way to your targeted audiences.

If there’s one thing we hear again and again from clients, it’s that McBru really understands technology-buying audiences and how to effectively communicate with them. That’s because our in-house writers and designers have deep experience in understanding and explaining very technical subjects. Strangely, they love the challenge, and have a commitment to clarity and results.

In many cases, we deliver content assets to clients to deploy as they need to. But just as often we have the responsibility to syndicate the content to target audiences and measure the response by content asset and channel.

McBru is your content marketing machine packaged within a full-service marketing firm. We know how content works out in the wild. We can quickly understand your content needs, and weave in our expertise to build a powerful content arsenal.