Customer Engagement

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Customer Engagement

McBru’s Customer Engagement services include events management, contest and awards programs, and research—and other methods of deepening engagement with prospective or existing customers.

Events: We provide a full range of event support services, from designing booth graphics, developing and executing strategies to attract the right audiences, managing onsite logistics, to staffing booths and tradeshow exhibits.

Contest and Awards Programs: McBru has deep expertise in designing and executing awards programs and contests that engage customers and drive participation of key audiences. We can develop contest rules and logistics, design contest web sites, manage submissions, make first-pass reviews, develop judging panels, and award prizes. Depending on your needs, the information we glean from contestants can then be used to fuel nurturing and lead generation programs, or provide fodder for case studies and video testimonials.

Research: McBru excels at managing and directing brand awareness research, which we advocate as an essential first stage of our branding services. This research delivers a candid competitive analysis of our client’s position within the marketplace, and includes internal and external audits to determine what the market really thinks and how the client’s company is perceived. We also conduct research as part of content strategy, lead generation and nurturing programs to discover what content and in what format audiences wish to receive client communications.