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Influencer Relations

At McBru, we have over 20 years experience in building strategic relationships with editors, analysts, writers, reporters, and commentators across many forms of media. However, today’s media landscape is rapidly changing, and reaching the tech B2B influencers who can drive coverage and shape opinions is tougher than ever. Many traditional publications are reducing staff, tightening budgets, and consolidating while others are shifting to online platforms and models that flex the boundaries between web-based news services and social networks.

At McBru, we stay on top of ever-evolving online trends in the news media and ride the waves at the point where the latest innovations meet up with tried-and-true best practices of more traditional public relations, so we can move the needle across the media continuum.

Our ramp-up process looks like this: McBru develops a comprehensive list of media outlets, analyst firms, social channels and key influencers, which are ranked into tiers with client input. McBru also compiles editorial calendars for the top-tier and next-tier influencers to identify relevant, high-value opportunities for feature coverage, contributed content, and inclusion in trend stories and topical round-ups.

After that infrastructure is in place, we identify key topics for thought leadership based on a combination of subject matter expertise and the interests of the influencers. When appropriate, we also lead our clients through positioning and messaging exercises to flesh out their storytelling toolkit.

The next step is creating a strategy that focuses on generating near-term coverage as well as seeding longer-term coverage among priority influencers. Tactics include editorial calendar outreach, proactive story pitching, blog and social media engagement and competitive pitching to redirect the story around competitors’ news.

For clients reintroducing their brands or a new product strategy, McBru recommends a Vision Tour. Conducted primarily by phone briefings, this tour will connect your spokesperson to 10 to 15 of the foremost influencers in your business ecosystem for in-depth, 1:1 discussions.

Social media has had an enormous impact on traditional PR, as the once single-track media landscape has fragmented into dozens of channels, each with their own audiences and methods of establishing influence and affinity. McBru offers social media services that integrate seamlessly with and build on PR to optimize a company’s brand awareness and reach.