Integrated Closed-Loop Marketing

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Integrated Closed-Loop Marketing

Integrated closed-loop marketing is the combination of McBru’s proven marketing programs with HubSpot, a very powerful but intuitive marketing automation platform that also provides robust analytics and reporting. It’s the melding of the work McBru does to create demand—which can be advertising, social media, lead generation, lead nurturing, and other McBru programs—layered on top of HubSpot’s marketing automation and analytics platform. And it all starts with metrics-driven SMART goal setting.

Using McBru’s programs in conjunction with HubSpot means that we can provide closed-loop reporting to provide true, analytics-based ROI on marketing campaigns. We are not only able to generate interest, awareness, and demand, we can nurture prospects along the path toward conversion. With metrics from HubSpot, we have all the data readily available to track our programs, including every action taken by prospects, so we are able to customize our outreach based on how they behave when they are visiting our client’s web site, microsite, or campaign landing pages.

This allows McBru to offer our clients the Holy Grail, which is closing the loop between marketing and sales, so clients know the actual ROI of their marketing activities and programs.

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