Lead Nurturing

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Lead Nurturing

McBru’s demand generation and lead nurturing programs are sophisticated and well-honed, designed to engage and build pools of potential customers and deliver sales-ready leads to our clients.

McBru has developed a multi-pronged strategy for lead nurturing that’s based on our deep understanding of technology and technologists: Engineers, developers and IT managers are starved for detailed, up-to-date information on the latest and greatest technologies and techniques to help them succeed. Our lead nurturing programs match target audiences with our client’s high-value content, which not only builds engagement but also reinforces our client’s reputation for expertise.

McBru begins by building a destination microsite that serves as a hub for nurturing leads and for distributing content. We drive traffic to the microsite in a variety of ways: through email marketing, advertising, social media, paid search results, or other channels customized to target our client’s specific audience or demographic.

Once we have attracted the key audience to the microsite we gather information from each of them. Essentially, in exchange for access to high-value information such as white papers, webinars, videos, or design notes, we ask specific questions to profile the leads and discover where each is in the purchasing process. Our qualifying questions are designed to identify those who are ready to be contacted with price and availability information, either by our client or by a channel partner.

Non-sales-ready contacts remain in the pool for further nurturing. Because each of the leads and contacts is tagged and can be tracked independently, we can monitor click-throughs and subsequent activities on the microsite for each prospect in the database. This allows McBru to continually build affinity for our clients with ongoing nurturing activities, as well as catch prospects when they are ready to receive sales information. Also, since McBru knows how prospects arrived at the microsite and can chart which lead generation channels are most successful at attracting leads that convert, we can continue to optimize the program for success. Finally, McBru helps our clients develop and implement closed-loop reporting, allowing us to calculate accurate ROI metrics.

McBru’s integrated lead-nurturing programs produce global campaigns that multiply our client’s reach, customer engagement and revenue.