Positioning & Messaging

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Positioning and Messaging

In the fiercely competitive technology industry, having the right market positioning, compelling key messages, and a strong, distinctive brand can make the difference between market leaders and also-rans.  McBru, with its exclusive focus on technology B2B marketing, has the tools and the smarts to help you craft and grow brands that get business done.

At McBru, we understand that to build preference, positioning and messaging has to be two deceptively simple things: highly relevant and highly differentiated. Relevant messages tell potential customers how your products and services bring them benefits and value and can solve specific problems they care about. Messages that differentiate tell customers why to choose your products over other alternatives. While these distinctions may seem elemental, they have real dollars-and-cents impact: Relevant messages are what help build sales volume; and differentiation is what makes premium pricing possible, particularly in highly competitive or crowded markets.

Positioning, and messaging for tech B2B audiences is different than building brands for consumer markets. High tech audiences are highly educated and skeptical, and have a just-the-facts-please attitude to most marketing information—they don’t like to be marketed to. For branding and marketing to be successful with self-professed geeks you must apply deep-tech knowledge and smart, persona-focused messaging.

To identify the company’s value propositions and differentiators for each of its key audiences, McBru conducts a workshop with sales and marketing executives. McBru then develops a positioning and messaging matrix with relevant messages and differentiated positions for these important audiences and perspectives.

At McBru, we help technology clients identify what’s best and different about their companies and how their products or technology bring value to customers. We marry sophisticated technical knowledge and deep insights into technology audiences with broad-based marketing experience to create a robust, methodical process of positioning and messaging.