Social Media Management

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Social Media Management

Back in 2006, McBru was a pioneer in using social media to connect its clients directly with their audiences. Today, social media is a top-performing B2B marketing strategy, helping companies drive brand awareness, go-to-marketing initiatives, executive thought leadership, lead and customer acquisition, and employee recruitment and retention. Operating at its peak, social media strategies work hand in hand with integrated marketing campaigns – persona identification and messaging, content and digital asset creation, PR, advertising and more – and help businesses amplify their messages and calls to actions.

McBru offers many types of social media services that can be custom-tailored to your business needs. Whether your goal is filling the sales funnel, enhancing the customer experience, building a brand champion online, driving awareness of your corporate social responsibility activities, or evangelizing your company’s culture to attract and retain top talent – or all of the above, McBru understands how to identify and connect with the tech B2B audiences your business seeks to reach. We believe in enduring, authentic and value-add social media engagements for the brands and individuals we serve. Our programs are not fly in, fly out, because social media credibility is built on ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships.

Most of our clients begin with our proprietary Social Media 360, which we introduced into the tech B2B industry. The 360 includes an in-depth analysis of your current social media activities, audiences and market landscape and outlines strategic go-forward recommendations, vis-à-vis the competition, grounded in your key business and marketing objectives.

McBru is often asked to execute the strategy put forward in the 360.  Whether starting from a 360 or not, our Social Media Community Management and Online Persona Building programs are tailored to your brand or individual’s unique goals, and employ proven strategies, tools and analytics to drive meaningful target audience engagement and growth across any number of social media channels – from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and more. These programs feed into closed-loop reporting for maximum ROI and success that ties directly to marketing’s objectives.