Year after year, McBru elevates tech B2B marketing, branding, practices, goals and results.

Now McBru has become Publitek North America, even better able to captivate engineers and technologists with results-driven, integrated B2B marketing campaigns based on well-crafted strategy, expert content and the optimum mix of channels.

After more than 20 years of exclusively practicing tech B2B communications, McBru has an uncanny understanding of technologists and the markets where they play. From our early B2B branding work to current social media tactics for business audiences, we know how to inform, educate and persuasively communicate with the toughest buyers — engineers and scientists, investors and business leaders, bloggers and journalists.

Our strategists, marketers and creatives love marketing tech B2B companies. We consume the latest B2B marketing trends, techniques, tools and social media to bring you differentiated programs for your business. In many ways, McBru is no different than its clients. We invest in innovation, and we value the savviest talent. That’s how we win – together.


McBru has been led by Kerry McClenahan since its founding. Kerry is well recognized across many technology markets as a insightful predictor of trends and opportunities in B2B marketing. In addition to providing executive-level counsel and leadership, Kerry also provides brand strategy services to certain clients on a customized basis. She is Chair Emeritus, Board of Directors for Social Venture Partners Portland, and continues to hone her skills as a potent mixologist.


McBru continues to follow a set of guiding principles that define how it works with clients, partners and the community.


Technology is the heartbeat of progress and innovation. Every day, we play an active role in advancing the technology that creates what’s next. 


We will lead the way to excellence in B2B technology marketing through a commitment to ongoing innovation and a strategy-first approach. 


  • We treat each other with respect.  We hear each other out and seriously consider all opinions and ideas.
  • We are open, honest and willfully vulnerable, trusting each other to speak the truth as each sees it. 
  • We support each other. Sometimes that means pointing out things that aren’t working so our colleagues can continue to learn and grow. Sometimes it means cheering each other on, or offering to be a sounding board.
  • We take our work very seriously. Ourselves, not so much.
  • We take risks and we always learn from our mistakes.
  • We are committed to being exceptional in our work, for our clients’ and our colleagues’ benefit.

Interested in joining McBru?

The agency is always interested in meeting new passionate marketers who love the challenge and rewards of B2B marketing... and who want to live and work in beautiful, exciting Portland, Oregon. Introduce yourself with an email, and let's talk.

We love looking at the Fremont Bridge, above, not just because it is right outside our office windows on the Willamette River. The Fremont Bridge has the longest main span of any bridge in Oregon and is the second longest tied-arch bridge in the world (after Caiyuanba Bridge across the Yangtze River, China). Photo source