How to Get B2B Audiences to Fill Out Your Forms


A significant component of lead generation programs is the practice of including forms on your landing pages. Lead gen forms present a key opportunity to collect information on your potential customers. The information you collect can be used to nurture the relationship, until they (ideally) become an actual customer.

Forms can be as simple as asking for name and email, or as thorough as asking how much revenue your potential customer’s company is generating per year. Regardless, you’re asking your visitors to take time to submit personal and sometimes confidential information. That’s a pretty big ask, and many people flee the scene before providing those details: This HubSpot article outlines several reasons why people may choose to bounce before clicking submit. It’s important to understand why some people may resist filling out forms so you can optimize your landing pages to encourage engagement. 


If all you really need is a name and email, just leave it at that.


Here are four tips to help people overcome their resistance to filling out online forms and entice them to start filling out your forms:

1. Give them useful content. If you really want people to hand over their personal information, you need to present them with a juicy offer. Offering a well-written, informative tip sheet or relevant e-book will entice people to fill out your forms more than a monthly newsletter.

2. Be upfront. Don't trick people by getting them to submit their info and flooding their inboxes with constant emails. Let them know that by submitting their email address they’ll receive semi-regular emails and content. Make it easy to unsubscribe if they want to. After all, we only want to be communicating with folks who are engaged and genuinely interested in our content and services. A clear and simple unsubscribe button makes for a good customer experience.

3. Don't ask for too much. If all you really need is a name and email, just leave it at that. Long forms that ask too many random questions will turn people off and may cause them to not submit at all.

4. Keep the form to one page. Don’t make people click page after page. Having more than one page increases the likelihood that folks will get annoyed and skip out before answering all parts of your form.

Try out these tips and tricks! And let us know if they worked. Do you have other tips for optimizing lead gen efforts? Tell us about it!

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