Integra Grows Out of SMB to Move Upmarket

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Challenge: Integra wanted to move up-market but couldn’t shake its SMB roots. For years, Integra Telecom had been a highly successful reseller of telephone and Ethernet services to small and medium-sized businesses in the Pacific Northwest. But market opportunity demanded the company retool its business model and focus on enterprise customers across the Western U.S. The trouble was, in 2012 Integra was relatively unknown in the crowded field of enterprise telecom service providers.

Action: Integra came to McBru to change their brand position from SMB to Enterprise. McBru started with positioning and messaging workshops for Integra’s senior execs, and crafted a fresh set of targeted messages to convey Integra’s new enterprise position for key audiences and channels. Next, McBru organized a “vision tour” to reset the media perception of the company, with the CEO revealing his immediate and long-term plans to select industry influencers. Then, six months later, McBru led a “follow up” media tour to show how Integra had met every single business goal.

Impact: Integra began receiving a bigger share of enterprise media coverage than ever before as industry publications began playing attention to Integra and covering its news.

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