McBru’s Persona Program Jumpstarts Social Media Influence and Thought Leadership Clout for Marketing Executive

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Challenge: McBru’s client was a strategic relationship manager for a large semiconductor manufacturer, supporting her company’s long collaborative relationship with a leading business software company. Our client wished to develop a targeted social media and blogging program that would convey the value of the two companies’ co-engineering activities, but also bring a personalized human voice to the discussion. Rather than focus on technology for its own sake, she wanted to advocate using technology to make people’s lives and the world better. However, she had very little experience with social media. In fact, when the client first approached McBru, she had zero online presence. She asked McBru to develop her online persona from absolute scratch and launch her social media and blogging program. 

Action: Using our formal persona documentation process, McBru worked with our client to develop an online persona that would bring a more conversational and collaborative voice to the technology discussion. We helped her identify social media goals, defined key topic areas, targeted strategic audiences to address, and determined key messages—all to shape the persona’s voice, tone and content. This information was compiled in our client’s persona profile: a living document and a central compass for alignment of persona activities.

Impact: McBru launched our client’s persona as a "technology conversationalist” in appropriate Twitter and LinkedIn conversations and channels. In addition, with McBru's research and knowledge of technology influencers, we inserted our client’s persona into highly relevant Women in Technology conversations where she emerged as a major influencer through a series of online conversations and very popular blogs, which McBru wrote in conjunction with our client. In the program’s first ten months, our client’s content achieved 6 million total online impressions and she gained 1,056 new Twitter followers targeted to technology and women in IT, with an average engagement rate of 1.7 percent. During the same period, the program saw 2,570 clicks on premium McBru-developed assets and relevant curated industry content. Not only did the program bolster our client’s online persona, it also helped elevate Intel’s broader diversity efforts as well. 

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