McBru Builds Customer Engagement From the Ground Up

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Challenge: MIPS Technologies was a semiconductor design company widely known for developing the MIPS architecture for RISC processors that became the standard for digital home, networking, embedded, IoT and mobile applications. Founded in 1984, the company had a long and storied history, but one that also left it with a disorganized database of customers from the past and present. The company wanted to up its game in customer engagement, but realized that it first needed to clean and segment its database, and get a better understanding of what its customers desired in terms of engagement from MIPS. MIPS contacted McBru to develop a multi-phase customer engagement program. 

Action: First, McBru employed surveys, intelligent dialogues, online contests and market research to discover who was in MIPS customer database. Once the database had been cleaned and customers identified, McBru queried them to find out what kind of engagement the customers wanted to have with MIPS, and how they preferred to consume content and information. Based on this knowledge, McBru developed a communication plan that targeted information needs per customer segment, along with recommendations on what MIPS should be communicating and through which channels. Finally, McBru built the content to fuel MIPS’ customer engagement program, writing whitepapers and other technical content, designing infographics, and developing banner ads and other advertising campaigns.

Impact: In 2013, with a newly engaged customer ecosystem and new products in the pipeline, MIPS was acquired by Imagination Technologies for $60 million in cash.

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