Align Stories, Content And Channels For A Future-Focused B2B Strategy


As “traditional” forms of PR, journalism and advertising continue to shift and morph, where should brands invest time and resources to get their message(s) out to the audiences they care about while achieving maximum ROI? At McBru we’re taking a close look at the future of B2B marketing.

Marketing is always evolving. We don’t get too comfortable in one way of doing things. There are new technologies, tools, and opportunities popping up every day that can help B2B brands get in front of prospects


Prospects are 50 to 80 percent through their consideration journey before reaching out to sales.


So back to that question, how should brands leverage their marketing budgets in today’s “future of marketing”? The answer is pretty simple: create content that helps prospects visualize how your solution will benefit their business. And then get it out in the wild in as many forms as possible.

Here are some thought starters for your workday:

  • What is the unique story your brand wants to tell? Write it down. Read it out loud. Does it have a narrative arch? Your customer is always the hero. That’s who your prospects will relate to. Who (or what) is the antagonist? Don’t forget these elements: drama/tension, the hero’s journey, the big lesson, and the happy ending.
  • Now, list all the varied ways you could tell the story. Prospects are doing their own research and it’s not always on your site. How can you maximize your resources to create many instantiations of your story? 
    • Speech by an executive or subject matter expert
    • Video featuring a customer
    • Exclusive interview/feature story with a leading vertical publication
    • Social media posts that include a compelling image
    • Infographic

You get the idea.

  • Now do this for all your stories. Your customer stories, your partner stories, your product stories and your thought leadership platforms.
  • Optimize for mobile devices. Need I say more?
  • On your website, ensure you have a logical “home” that is visible and encourages prospects to consume the “feature” content.
  • Enlist a social media strategy to help your stories travel far and wide. The best stories have pictures. Don’t overlook sourcing or creating interesting visuals that draw the eye. Social media craves visuals.
  • Are you using email marketing to extend the reach of your stories to those in your pipeline? Give prospects more to chew on in their consideration process.

It’s common knowledge and accepted as fact that prospects are 50 to 80 percent through their consideration journey before reaching out to sales. So, how are you capturing and promoting your story through all the channels available to you? We can help. Give us a call.

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