Delivering Sales-Ready Leads and a $5B Pipeline for ON Semiconductor

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Challenge: ON Semiconductor, a leading global semiconductor company, wanted to generate increased sales from its large database of qualified design engineers in four geographic regions (China, Japan, Germany and the U.S.) and in four different vertical markets. ON Semiconductor sought to deepen its relationship with this pool of potential buyers through nurturing activities and then identify sales-ready leads when they were ready to make purchase decisions.

Action: To meet these objectives, McBru developed a lead generation strategy based on our deep understanding of semiconductor buyers: Design engineers hate being marketed to, but are hungry for accurate information on new technologies and techniques for creating cutting-edge product designs. The lead nurturing program we designed linked potential buyers with ON Semiconductor’s high-value content (white papers, application notes, design schematics, technical notes and videos), which not only drove engagement and affinity but also reinforced our client’s reputation as application experts.

Our lead-gen process involved a number of stages. Nurturing mails and high-impact banner ads in select industry-specific publications in each of the geos drove traffic to our microsites. Here, visitors were able to download relevant technical materials from ON Semiconductor’s resource center. Downloading the free content triggered an intelligent dialog to gather qualifying information and determine if the engineer is ready to be contacted by ON Semiconductor’s sales department.

Every month, these leads received emails with fresh content allowing McBru to track click-throughs and subsequent activities on the microsite for each prospect in the database. In addition, publisher-managed lead generation activities such as webinars and content distribution produced new leads to funnel into the email nurturing program.

Over the course of a year, McBru’s lead-gen program for ON Semi involved:

  • Four different banner ad campaigns, in four languages and in 48 different ad sizes = 768 ads per year
  • Netmercials in four languages for four different vertical markets = 16 video banner ads per year
  • Two email sends for four different verticals in three languages through 23 publishers = 552 emails
  • Twelve landing pages updated once a month

Impact: McBru’s integrated lead-nurturing program produced global campaigns that multiplied ON Semiconductor’s reach, response rates, and customer engagement, generating a gross opportunity pipeline of $5,173,504,170 over the course of our engagement with ON Semiconductor. The program averaged a click through rate of .57 percent, compared to an industry average rate of .22 percent. The program also netted a conversion rate of 2.48 percent, compared to the industry average of 0.96 percent. Combined with email-based demand generation activities, the entire program generated tens of thousands of qualified visitors to the lead nurturing microsites, and thousands of these leads converted by indicating their readiness to start a sales discussion.

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