McBru’s Three–Pronged Strategy Blows Away Awareness Targets for Sonics


Challenge: Sonics, Inc. is a semiconductor IP innovator that focuses on system-on-chip (SOC) and network-on-chip (NOC) design. Sonics came to McBru seeking to increase favorable awareness among targeted media, analysts and purchase decision makers, with the desire to drive purchase consideration. 

Action: McBru developed a three-pronged brand narrative strategy to achieve these goals. The first step was to write and distribute news announcements that reinforced Sonics’ technical and executive leadership, followed by hosting press and analyst briefings with target publications at trade shows to foster relationships and drive positive coverage. The third leg of the strategy was an editorial calendar detailing opportunities to contribute content to top publications, including executive interviews and/or Q&A feature articles, plus by-lined contributed articles attributed to Sonics thought leaders. 

Impact: McBru exceeded all of its agreed-to goals and metrics in its awareness campaign for Sonics, securing 13 feature and contributed article opportunities in a six month period, more than twice the number requested. In addition, McBru secured almost one-third more media briefings than required, and attained almost double the number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 media pick-ups than forecasted (for a total of 23). McBru’s brand awareness campaign exceeded its goals, succeeding in driving positive media coverage and affinity for Sonics and its solutions.

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