McBru Brand Narrative Helps Virage Logic Punch Above Its Weight

FPO Image.png

Challenge: Virage Logic, founded in 1996 as a provider of embedded memory and semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for the design of complex integrated circuits, came to McBru in 1998 with a classic marketing and PR challenge. This small and highly talented startup had considerable expertise in semiconductor memory design, but was a bit player in an industry dominated by semiconductor design behemoths like Cadence and Synopsis. Virage Logic’s game plan called for a successful IPO followed with acquisition by a major player, but to command top dollar, Virage Logic needed to project the impression that it was a much larger and more powerful operation than it actually was. They called McBru for help.

Action: McBru designed a customized set of marketing strategies for Virage Logic, beginning with a brand narrative program to establish and build the company’s credibility both in terms of business and technology sophistication. The program made ample use of creative content, advertising and PR to drive brand awareness and preference. McBru also boosted the company’s thought leadership with an editorial calendar filled with placed feature stories and contributed by-lined articles. McBru also worked hard to find the right speaking engagements for Virage Logic’s CEO and CTO to raise their profile in the industry. 

Impact: McBru supported the company through several product launches of first-of-their-kind technologies, garnering Virage Logic tons of positive coverage. In fact, with McBru’s hands on the levers, Virage Logic regularly gained more industry news coverage than its much larger competitors. McBru’s strategies served the company well. The company had a successful IPO in 2000, offering 3.75 million shares at $12 per share, followed by acquisition by Synopsys in 2010 for $315 million.    

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